Teacher & Tech Cheerleader

Canva is a great tool to create with. From posters, presentations slides, & Facebook covers, this tool is easy to navigate. This tool makes beautiful graphics for any of your needs. Canva offers a drag and drop feature that makes designing easier than ever. There are a ton of templates and color designs already embedded, so if you are not great with the actual design process - don't worry! Let Canva do it for you. I had to play with this tool for a bit before I could really get used to it, but it was well worth it. Also, if you check out www.TechChef4U.com there is a great tutorial/webinar on how to navigate Canva.

Explain Everything is another great tool that you can use in your classroom. This is another whiteboard app that easily allows the student and teacher to create material in any subject and content area. Although this app does cost $2.99 I highly recommend it. The reason why I like Explain Everything so much is because you can easily create videos and then upload them to a YouTube channel. Another great feature is the easy editing. When I am creating videos explaining different concepts I often get tongue-tied. With Explain Everything you can EASILY go back to the exact spot that you messed up and start over there versus starting completely over. 

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ThingLink is also an absolute favorite. One of my favorite things to do with ThingLink is whole group refection. We pull up an image that goes with the concept we are working on and then students are able to add their own "target" or concept that stuck out to them. We can then go back to these images to recall important information. ThingLink can also be easily uploaded to school Facebook pages or websites to show parents what their child is covering that day. Who doesn't like to show off their students' work! For upper levels I see ThingLink as a great way to present information to students. You can create fun, interactive images that you shoot out easily via Remind or Google Classroom. Students can easily create their own ThingLinks for presentations as well. This tool is easy and effective, and that's why this Non-Techy teacher loves it!

Popplet is one of my all time favorite apps to use in the classroom. The reason I love it so much is because it is so versatile.You can literally use it for any subject and grade level. Teachers strive to push students to higher level thinking. We have to remember that we need to also think outside of the box when it comes to activities and lessons. The possibilities with Popplet are endless. Students love it because it is hands on and they get to create and design their product in a way that they like. Teachers like it because Popplet can be used to assess any standard that they are targeting. If you are not using Popplet in your classroom I highly recommend it. 


Class Dojo is such a fun tool for students. They love designing their own avatar and tracking their progress throughout the year. Teachers and parents will love Dojo, too. It is a great tool that allows parents to monitor exactly how their child is doing in class. Parents are easily able to check their child's progress throughout the day without the hassle of sitting down, writing an e-mail, and then waiting for a response. With Dojo, your child's performance can be checked with the click of an app. My daughter, a kindergartner, loved her Dojo this year. She worked really hard to earn points. She pulled up the app on my phone all the time, so she could show me how well she was performing in class. Dojo is a great communication tool. I highly recommend it. It's fun and effective!

If I had to describe Nearpod for the classroom I would simply say GAME CHANGER! This app can totally change the way you present information to your students and the level of engagement in your class. With Nearpod you are able to guide your students through an interactive lesson with images, quizzes, polls, and instant feedback. You can use it for assessment or simply to review material. You decide what you want each slide to do, and you can decide the pace, too. My students love being able to write, draw, and highlight on the images I provide. They especially love when I am able to instantly see their work and share it with their classmates. You have got to try Nearpod, guys! It is that awesome.

Educreations is a great whiteboard app to use for any grade level and in any subject. You can easily create videos for your students or have your students create videos for you. I especially like this for the math teacher. Students can work out a problem as they are "talking it out". With this feature the teacher is able to easily see where the student may be struggling. If you are "flipping" lessons or having students "flip" lessons then this may be an app you want to look into. 

Remind is one of my absolute favorite tech tools for the busy teacher. It helps me stay organized and successfully aids in creating effective communication between teachers, parents, and students. Not only is this a great tool, but the people that work for this company are amazing. They truly have a heart for teachers and students. If you are not utilizing remind in your class I urge you to give it a try. If you need any help at all please contact me, and I will walk you through how to set up an account and the many awesome features.